Backupassist Desktop Crack 12.0.6 Free Full Activated

BackupAssist Desktop Crack is an award-winning Windows backup software designed to comprehensively protect files, folders, applications, and systems on desktops, laptops, and servers. It utilizes continuous and scheduled backup technology to create backups locally and to the cloud for easy disaster recovery.

Key features and capabilities include:

  • File, folder, and disk imaging backups
  • Backup archiving, scheduling, and encryption
  • Granular recovery tools for files, emails, and systems
  • Support for Exchange Server, SQL, Hyper-V

With BackupAssist Desktop Crack, users can quickly set up automated backups that run quietly in the background to safeguard critical data. Intuitive recovery tools make restoring lost or corrupted data effortless in the event of disasters like:

  • Ransomware attacks
  • Accidental deletions or corruptions
  • Hard drive failures
  • Theft of devices

Benefits of Download free BackupAssist Desktop include:

  • Affordable pricing for solo to enterprise use
  • Easy automated file backups to local drives
  • Data backup archives for historical recovery
  • Custom retention rules for backups
  • Alerts on failed backup jobs

“”BackupAssist’s effectiveness, ease of use, and affordable cost for both small and large environments continue making it a popular choice for Windows backup.” – Editor’s Choice 2022

How BackupAssist Desktop Crack Works

Backupassist Desktop Crack uses intelligent technology to automate Windows file protection in the background without interrupting productivity.

It offers various backup types including:

  • Full backups – Initial complete backup of all specified data
  • Differential backups – Backs up new and changed files periodically
  • Incremental backups – Only backups up changes since last backup
  • Mirror backups – Identical copy of the source data

Backupassist Desktop Crack backups can be saved locally to external HDDs, NAS devices, tape drives, across the network to backup servers, and to the cloud. This flexibility ensures optimal protection.

New capabilities in Free download BackupAssist V10 include:

  • Faster incremental backups using block-level technology
  • Enhanced Exchange Server data protection
  • Support for backing up Windows 11 and Microsoft 365

Key BackupAssist Desktop Crack Features

Some key features that enable effective data backup and recovery include:

File and Folder Backup

Pinpoint recovery of lost or corrupted files and folders is a core benefit of BackupAssist Crack. Users can easily find deleted files in organized backup archives.

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Disk Imaging Backups

Disk imaging goes beyond just files by taking snapshots of entire volumes or hard disk drives, capturing the operating systems and installed software. Disk imaging enables bare-metal restore of systems.

Backup Versioning

BackupAssist Crack can retain previous versions of files and application data like Exchange and SQL databases across multiple backups thanks to backup archiving capabilities. This provides more recovery flexibility.

Backup Scheduling

Administrators can leverage intelligent scheduling to run automatic backups daily, weekly, or based on business requirements without constant oversight. Scheduling ensures backups happen consistently.

Backup Encryption

To prevent unauthorized access, Full version crack BackupAssist offers AES-256 encryption integrated across all backup jobs. Individual backup jobs can have passwords applied for added security.

New and Improved Features in Free download BackupAssist V10

The latest major release of BackupAssist Crack includes significant enhancements:

Faster Incremental Backups

Using sector-level detection algorithms, incremental backups are now up to 50% faster for greater efficiency around backup windows and system resource usage during jobs.

Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 Backup Support

The latest OS, Windows 11, is fully supported in BackupAssist Crack V10, as are new iterations of Microsoft 365 apps for protecting modern data sources.

Improved Exchange Server Protection

BackupAssist Crack V10 expands application support for Exchange Server 2019 and 2022 while enhancing overall mailbox and granular recovery capabilities.

Installation and Setup

  • System Requirements: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, and Windows 7. At least 2 GB RAM and 10 GB free disk space. .NET 4.5.2+ and administrator access to all backup sources required.
  • Install: Download the free 30-day trial executable and follow prompts. Reboot once finished.
  • Initial Backup Job Setup: Launch BackupAssist and walk through creating your first backup. Select data, destinations, schedules and rules.

Creating Backup Jobs

Creating automated backup jobs is easy and flexible in BackupAssist Crack with just a few steps:

  1. Selection: Pick the files, folders, drives, databases, mailboxes and other items to backup. Choose system disks and volumes for imaging.
  2. Destination: Specify where the backup will be written locally or in the cloud.
  3. Schedule: Configure the backup frequency such as daily incremental backups plus weekly full backups.
  4. Rules: Define retention rules, encryption settings, zipping of backups, notifications and more.

Once configured based on your recovery objectives, backup jobs automatically run on the defined schedule with notifications on job status.

Restoring from Download free BackupAssist Backups

When disaster strikes, easily restore lost data:

  1. Browse through the organized BackupAssist backup archive to find previous versions of files, folders, and disk image backups.
  2. Select what you want to restore. Certain application data allows granular recovery while imaging enables full system restores.
  3. Pick a destination location for the restored data and initiate the recovery process.

Restores can also be automated based on backups using BackupAssist’s powerful recovery tools and integrated imaging support.

Managing Existing Backup Jobs

Within BackupAssist’s administration panel, administrators gain complete control over defining, monitoring, and modifying jobs:

  • Check backup success/failure statuses and receive instant email notifications
  • View logs and job reports on what gets backed up
  • Add new data selections like folders or transaction log files for Exchange
  • Modify backup scheduling, retention rules, compression settings
  • Manage all jobs across multiple servers from one unified view

BackupAssist Crack Settings

BackupAssist Crack offers extensive preferences from basic settings to advanced configurations:

  • General – License registration, product updates, file type exclusions
  • Network access – Configure proxy use, authentication, SSL protocols
  • Logging – Define output locations for extensive job logs
  • Notifications – Configure triggers and recipients for receiving job alerts
  • Licensing – Upgrade or renew license keys, manage nodes in dashboards

BackupAssist Desktop Crack Pricing

As an affordable solution for desktops and standalone servers, pricing starts at:

  • $149 – Perpetual license for 1 computer
  • $99 – 1 year subscription for 1 machine
  • Support contracts start at $159 to get 1 year of upgrades/support

Volume licensing discounts offered as well as fully-featured free trials to evaluate the software.

Why Choose Full version crack BackupAssist for File Protection

There are many great reasons BackupAssist Crack is trusted by over 165,000 administrators worldwide:

  • Effective technology – Leverages modern mechanisms like block-level incremental backups for efficiency
  • Affordable pricing – Perpetually licensed solution 80% less than traditional backup software
  • Easy to manage – Fast onboarding for admins at any experience level
  • Responsive support 24/7 access to BackupAssist technicians by phone and email
  • Corporate backing – Developed and supported by vendor-neutral Cortex I.T Labs

For these reasons and more, Full version crack BackupAssist Desktop earns top marks as a comprehensive, budget-friendly data protection solution for PCs.


BackupAssist Desktop Crack offers a compelling software solution for safeguarding business files, folders, systems, and applications on Windows devices. Its continuity capabilities like backup archiving, powerful recovery tools, and affordability make Download free BackupAssist a popular choice among IT teams with limited budgets and resources.

By automating backups to local destinations and the cloud, BackupAssist Crack cost-effectively mitigates data loss, achieving key regulatory compliance and DR objectives for both managed service provider and in-house IT environments.